Monday, 14 June 2010

Source Code Movie by Duncan Jones

Director Duncan Jones (who brought the mesmerizing movie Moon) is back with a new sci-fi thriller movie titled Source Code. The story revolves around a soldier who wakes up in the body of a commuter who witnesses a train explosion. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal got the lead role as the soldier. Besides Jake Gyllenhaal, the cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, and Jeffrey Wright. The movie Source Code should be released sometime in 2011.

Here's a a picture from the set of Source Code, you may recognize Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan:
(Click on the picture to enlarge.)
"The movie Source Code centers on a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) who, as part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, finds himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find out who is responsible for it.
Vera Farmiga will play a hands-on communications officer controlling Jake Gyllenhaal as he travels through time and space. Michelle Monaghan is a woman on the train with whom the man is involved romantically."

The movie Source Code sounds just like a twisted version of Deja Vu (starring Denzel Washington). Well, I guess it will be worth watching since Duncan Jones is helming the project. Besides Jake Gyllenhall is a damned talented actor (started to follow his movies since Donnie Darko, and still haven't been disappointed even once!). So I can but wait with impatience for the movie Source Code, and I definitely expect the film to deliver a great surprise.

Sing me up for the Source Code movie!